How To Be Submissive: The Deep Layers of Mental Slave Training

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The attention of those dominant are invited to the fact that this blog post is a plain, concise, yet thorough resource on the art of mental training, handling and correcting of faults of the consensual “slave.”

The methods described and amply explained throughout these pages are based upon the author’s experience, obtained during many years in training, handling as a professional Domina, hence can be recommended to all amateurs who have an interest, whether trained or untrained, as perfectly reliable, and as giving all the information necessary to become a successful trainer and handler of the submissive.

Every reader will find at least something of interest and usefulness to her in the following pages, to amply repay her for the intention and attention, many times over with this high value content you’re to read.
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The Deep Layers of Mental Slave Training

All slaves differ considerably as to the individual intelligence, disposition, inclination and peculiarities. Therefore, judgment on part of the Domina is quite essential in applying any given methods.

The methods as herein laid down are taught by the so-called force system of omitting suasion and the whip, applying the force collar to effect attention and obedience, words of praise: “You are doing so good,” and if you want, caresses or inflict pain to encourage and reward.

The suasive system finds no favor among practical Domina, although slaves are perfected to a high degree in that way, but a proficiency is accomplished only by the greatest patience, innumerable vexations and of time, and the slave so taught may at times work faulty or even refuse orders at any juncture if contrary to his inclination, leaving the Domina helpless in such cases, necessitating beginning anew with such a slave; but withal, that is the only system to be adopted by any would-be Domina of eccentric and erratic temper, for, if she should attempt training by force, with either whip or collar, the results must necessarily be disastrous.

Highly intelligent slaves deserve a good ‘Mind-Fuck’ as a pattern interrupt from previous faulty training from the inexperienced. This can be done easily with proper cage training.

The whip may be brought to use to good advantage at times by an experienced Domina but should never be resorted to by an amateur, for, if applied injudiciously and without proper judgment, most harmful effects may result. Whipping around vital organs such as kidneys, liver, heart and lungs should be avoided. The art of the whip in submission rituals began many years ago.

Flagellation (from Latin flagellare, to whip) has been a practice during rituals of many fervently religions. In the 13th century, radicals of the Catholic Church were noted to use public flagellation in their rituals.

Individual monks and priests used the blood of their followers to baptize and as sacrament, they claimed it worked miracles. Flagellation spread throughout Europe and recessed into the underground during the reign of Clement VI who condemned the ritual. It is still used today by those that believe it to be a form of devout worship notably in Mediterranean Catholic countries. Devout worship is homogenous to having effective slave training.


When a slave worships a Domina, you are to be the impression of Higher Power. Sitting on the couch and eating potato chips is that how Higher Power behaves? Every Domina should be at peak performance physically, mentally, financially, emotionally and spiritually to lead the path for the slave.

I have seen too many rubes claim to have the skills necessary to take slaves onto the very deepest levels of submission yet, the Domina has never learned this level of worship and takes very little worship of her mind and body. One must learn the levels of peak performance, or you can end up like one of my slave’s first experience…

Bradley was in law school and visited D.C. to interview for a summer law clerk position. He also set up a time to meet with a “professional” dominatrix. This was back in 1987. So he goes to meet the dominatrix on his time off. She met him at the door in a dirty black slip, fat rolls hanging over her panties. The entire session was in the hallway of a beaten down apartment building infested with cockroaches. To some this might be your fantasy. However, all this woman cared about was prolonging the session to accrue money.

Becoming a Domina takes time to develop. I often hear it is something that the girl was born with, having suffocated her brother or been a real bitch to please in childhood. However, just because you are a Cunt does not make you powerful. It just means you had experiences that developed your behaviors and fascination of power. Knowledge is power and learning the power of mind control and peak performance takes a very devoted Domina. To be a Domina is never about how to inflict pain. But how to put yourself in the place of a higher power like “Jesus” within the slaves’ criteria, beliefs and emotions. When the slave truly holds you in that regard, he will become intoxicated with endorphins running through his systems. I refer to “Jesus” because most Americans hold the idea of this Christian savior in high regard-this is just an example and not to be taken literally. I’m sure you can find your own savior to work with.

The idea is, if you can discover the slaves model of reality you can understand what principles compose his personality in order for you to transform the basis of his values.

Systematic Breaking-In

When the time has arrived deemed proper to begin the systematic training of the slave selected for this purpose, provide, if not already done, a suitable cage; attach to this near the ground a sufficiently strong but not unnecessarily heavy chain, five or six feet long. Secure a plain leather collar around the neck of the slave, sufficiently tight so he cannot by any means slip the same over his head. At the same time, be careful not to buckle the collar any tighter than necessary and then tie up the slave and leave him alone for a short time. For obvious reasons do not attempt to secure the slave with a cord, strap, or the like, to his cage.

Except when in the hands of the Domina, the slave must be kept chained to his cage during the entire course of training, but from time to time, at the leisure of the trainer, a meal and hydration and movement to prevent blood clots.
As soon as the slave finds himself deprived of his wonted liberty, he naturally will attempt to free himself of his fetters, and a spell of tugging and bitching will occur. If this does not stop, leave him alone for awhile and perhaps before long he may come to the conclusion that his behavior is alike foolish and useless, and then cease his acrobatic performances. If he does not submit to the inevitable at once, don’t be alarmed-it won’t hurt the chain and collar, nor the slave!

If he does stop, reward immediately and go get a stout but limber switch, walk up close to the slave and gently tap him with it, increasing the switching until you feel he is properly awarded then give the order: “Relax” While he remains within, keep the switch against the side of the cage, often repeating the command.

The cage should always be placed on the ground because the slave should always be below eye level of the Domina, as to look up at her within the visual plane of higher criteria.

Note: Where humans store information in the field of thought, for high criteria is above eye level. The Domina always wants the slave to look up at her.

If you don’t do these steps often times a slave will become spoiled. From numerous causes many slaves become spoiled to such an extent as to render them absolutely worthless in the field subservience. The complaint is often heard that such a slave was at one time the best slave imaginable, but has been spoiled by some cause or another until now he is of no use whatsoever. If his faults could be overcome, this particular slave would be the best.

Considering that all faults are acquired through accidents or lack of proper handling, they can be corrected, just as a slave is trained to perform in a certain manner, and then can be broken from doing so. Any slave otherwise worth the trouble, can be freed of acquired faults, no matter how aggravated these may be, and restored to his former usefulness by beginning with him in the training as would be the case with a slave used to sexual gratification from Dominas, giving the parts wherein the faults lie special attention, to make quite perfect the idea submission has nothing to do with the reward of sexual gratification. Time and tact on part of the Domina, to properly and judiciously apply the methods of systematic training, will be important factors in dealing with such cases.

The matured slave has acquired a good deal of “scene” intelligence, and his reasoning power is generally well developed in his beliefs on the behavior of the Domina. If he forces his belief upon the Domina, ‘the old dog will no longer be able to do new tricks.’ It is incredibly important to have the slave wipe clean his mental slate prior to any training.

Properties of Slave Training

– Every Domina should be at peak performance physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually to lead the path for the slave. I prefer training in the mental technologies to gain this level of higher intelligence. Basically you want the slave to look up to you. If the Domina can’t look up to herself or doesn’t like herself, the slave will intuitively play the disadvantages against her.

– The slave should have his mental slate wiped clean. This can be done with hypnosis. If a slave comes in with presuppositions of the training, and the Domina does not access his criteria or hierarchy of values for the training, the slave will not likely return for future experiences.

– Always employ the use of a cage. No slave should be left unattended in a cage.

– The Domina is to be worshiped. She is the true embodiment of higher power. A power worth servitude. She is to guide you through the layers of reality. To give you a raw experience similar to enlightenment through submission.

– Learn how to control your need for sexual gratification. If you are truly looking to experience the life of submission, you will loose the presupposition that the Domina is there to provide sexual gratification. Only with rapport would a real Domina give her vessel to a slave.

Understand the word slave means the man or woman who is willing to release all beliefs installed and give way physically, mentally and spiritually to their Domina. Their Domina is to be the Higher Power in their life. One of great wisdom, to guide their thoughts, their pleasure and emotions to a higher plane of existence. To be fully in their body out of their internal dialog of suffering to meet the “rat race” expectations of society.

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