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Dear Friend,

Have you ever called your penis by a pet name? Maybe a girlfriend has, “Come out little Jimmy and play.” Well just this alone could be causing you to NOT have whole body orgasms. Allow me to explain.

Lets talk about dissociation. Dissociation can be various trance states including, “spacing out” “moving far away” “detached” you can be dissociated from an internal feeling, sensation or emotion. You can be dissociated from a part of the body and you can also be dissociated from an external stimulus.

What does this have to do with having whole body orgasms and penis pet names?

In Gestalt terms, the penis becomes separated from the entire body. It takes on a whole new entity when given a pet name and it operates entirely separate from conscious control. Sensations become isolated instead of whole body. It also takes away self-responsibility which, can make you less motivated to be at peak performance sexually. Basically you have created a split personality that is dictating your sexual performance.

Plus, if you get a weird pet name like “Rupert” how does that make you feel?

So have you ever named your penis or has a girlfriend done this to you?

Now I have created a special program “Full Body Pleasure In 15 Minutes” to remove the isolation of sensation and break into whole body orgasms in 15 minutes.

I normally sell it for $79 but because today is Adult Educational Thursday I’ll give it to you for just $39! When you get this program within the next 24 hours I’ll also give you 3 special bonus reports valued over $100 on Erotic Mind Control.

This will only be offered once and after the 24 hours it will be gone forever!

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5 thoughts on “Penis Pet Names

  1. my ex-wife named my penis “Oscar Medinos”. to this day, I don’t know how she came up with that name, but the sex was always terrible anyway, and we split 23 years ago.

    • This is a common problem. I asked every female friend I had if they joke about their lover’s penis by giving it a pet name and 11 out of my close female friends said yes they had. This is why it is so important to learn that there are anchors that are triggered and they’re not good ones, when you call someones cock by a pet name. Thank you for sharing Ross.

  2. I really want this but i’m afraid my wife will find it in the mail. Can you give me a downloadable version? MIstress KALI I want to serve you too. I will come to Oregon and worship your feet. Your combat boots are making me really hard.

  3. I just ordered it. I had a girlfriend who called it tinker bell and it used to piss me off and I could not last long with her.

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