The Sex Room

I find a lot of people stuck in a pattern where sex just happens in bed. What if you had a sex room? A room dedicated only to pleasure. A place that triggers only arousing thoughts. A place that makes your pussy wet with the grip of the door knob. What would it be like?


Would it be an old renovated warehouse with a big open window on the third floor overlooking a busy downtown? Ropes strung to spread eagle a beautiful woman for all to admire?

Would it be a room in your home where you have pillows on the floor, sage burning in a ceramic dish and tapestries on the wall?

How is your sex room set up? What type of tools and gadgets would your room sport? My Inner Circle Member shared with me the following gadgets that make his room superior:

1. I am usually laying on a liberator mat on the floor. I have three pillows and three bolsters in arms reach.

2. I have toys, they include
six butt plugs various sizes made out of metal or glass
 Kali Bliss masturbator for women made out of glass.
two vibrating dildo actually prostrate stimulators. these never really create prostrate milking.
  Massage hooks used for prostrate massage
   coconut oil,
            cinnamon oil,
            castor oil,
penetrator, 18 inch tens unit butt penetrator electro shock
cattle prod hand held, works good on certain body parts
massage table,
6 – 60 inch boot strings for cock and ball tying
2 18 foot japanese bondage ropes,
 Nipple clamps, the most harsh I could find with a chain between the more you pull the harder the pinch.
3. I always have the tens unit at a fifteen minutes notice with uretha sound attachment, penetrator attachment for anal use, and the multiple shock pads. 

What would that be like for you? To have a room devoted just to your pleasure even if you don’t deserve it. I dare you to create a room, take photos and send them to me.

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