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For Those That Can’t Squirt From G-Spot Stimulation or Men Who Want Give Squirting Orgasms:

For many years I have been able to squirt on command with the right set of hypnotic blueprints. I recently interviewed two celebrity porn stars that are well-known for their female ejaculation abilities. Leila Swan star of ‘Divine Nectar,’ said she went up on stage in front of a live audience once and squirted into a jar to have the audience notice the difference between the consistency of Skenes fluid versus urine. 

Although the missing ingredient was left out. I asked the other porn star how they did it. She said, “well of course you have the G-spot and you have the towel set up and the caring lover who coaches her through it.” They also said, that didn’t work sometimes and they did not know why. 

I went back to the lab to test out what can make women squirt who can’t through G-spot stimulation. My other lab test was how can I teach men covertly to help their lovers who are sensitive and have a hard time experiencing female ejaculation through G-Spot stimulation experience squirting orgasms.

My conclusions after many trials was how these sensitive women need more of a high quality touch that is done through training the hands just right. No vibrators, no dildos or toys. It was about palpation sequence and hidden energy locations. The other part was using a well-defined advanced squirting orgasm hypnosis blueprint to lead them down into their bodies, make them be completely aware of the pressures building and getting them in touch with the release valve.

 A lot of women want to be free within their bodies and after many years of conditional shame and guilt the body loses it sense of female ejaculation, and even orgasm can be hard for most women. You’re not just giving a squirting orgasm… When you use the  hypnotic blueprint you are giving the deepest type of sexual healing and it opens the relationship up for a connection that is more than the superficial, it goes deep. When I say ‘deep,’ I mean the type of sex where it is so great both of you are acting as one entity that lingers for hours.


In the Advanced Squirting Orgasm Hypnosis Blueprint you will experience an advanced system set up for men and women who want to give female ejaculation to even the most difficult of women by tapping and guiding their mind and physiological orgasm process.

  • Experience advanced hypnosis to get them to squirt on command!
  • You will also learn how to give squirting orgasm without having to rely upon any toys!
  • You will also experience the deep connection female ejaculation brings to lovers!
  • Women who are sensitive to touch will be able to associate deeper into their bodies!
  • Be able to lead and capture her mind so sex is in the present moment, lust is powerful and her urge is on you!Screen shot 2013-09-11 at 11.42.53 AM

To the right you will see what others had to say about the book I gave them on these skills. Check it out.

Now I want to give this program to you on one basis-that you actually go out and do it. If you don’t think you can covertly install female ejaculation into your lover then I don’t want you to even think about getting this program. I want you if you’re ready to have life changing sex and have her think it’s all her own idea. This type of sexual healing makes them want to have sex more often and you will have to be diligent about giving into their needs.

If you are greedy with sex and you operate on your own time well then this is not a program for you. If you can give into her needs, use the blueprint and be ready for this type of life changing sexual experience then click the button below and I will mail you out the conditioning cycles and the master key report that has everything done for you.

You are probably wondering how much this is going to cost you. First of all, this type of hypnosis you can’t find anywhere else because I’m constantly innovating and inventing like Steve Jobs, I have new ways for you to tap into the creative sexual force with this program. I want you to have a great sex life because it makes me look good 🙂 So go ahead and click the button below if having 69 which equals a romantic meal out on the town is enough to give your lover squirting orgasms. I hope she is worth it to you. Plus, I’ll throw in a secret bonus valued over 249 used to compliment female ejaculation.

Also this program is only available for the next twenty four hours. After 24 hours it will be gone forever. Click the button below to claim 1 of the 32 I am making today before they sell out. It will be shipped discretely first class USPS.




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