Going Beyond Social Norms For Sexual Relationships

Catherine The Great, who ruled Russia from 1762 till her death in 1796, is an example of how there are always strategies to go beyond social norms and have what you want sexually. She always got what she wanted, and by the time Catherine was 23 she had her first affair, with chamberlain Sergei Saltykov. Then came the aristocrat Stanislas Poniatowski, secretary to the British ambassador. According to Virginia Rounding, author of “Catherine the Great: Love, Sex, and Power,” Catherine would dress like a male in order to sneak out and rendezvous with her lovers. Years later, when Catherine was empress, she’d help make Poniatowski king of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

She had a a daughter by Poniatowski in 1757, and five years later gave birth to a son by another man, Count Grigory Orlov. Her husband Peter was deposed three months after the birth of her son. Orlov would be her favorite until 1772. By 1774 she’d taken up with Grigory Potyomkin, one of her conspirators in the coup. She made him her advisor, and by association he became the most powerful man in Russia. When their affair grew boring, they remained friends and allies; it was rumored that he procured young lovers for the empress, and that these boys were first tested on her ladies in waiting. By her waning years, Catherine was a wild cougar; her last lover, Prince Zubov, was forty years younger than she.

Those urges we have deep within us, we can pretend they don’t exist or we can take what we want.

This furniture below was ‘supposedly’ commissioned by Catherine The Great.




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