The 3 Phases of Sex Pronounced D.E.A.D.

The 3 Phases of the Sex Relationship Pronounced D.E.A.D.

•First phase, when one realizes that they are in a sexless relationship, they are worried. They want to fix it. They talk about it to their mate, and want to know why it happens. They both agree in getting help, finding ways to rekindle. They do the traditional routes of romance, dating again and saying those three magic words (that do NOT work)…

•Second phase, nothing changes. There are many more years of sexless living, one mate is completely fine with it, while the other is torn to pieces. This phase lasts the longest. It goes and goes until the frustrated mate can no longer put-up, or realizes life is too short to be made miserable by someone.

•Third phase, the frustrated mate decides to, 1) find sex outside of the relationship, 2) starts building a wall to protect her/his vulnerability. She/he retaliates, and starts living as a roommate, brother and sister, family style, 3) the frustrated partner becomes weak, starts being anything and everything just to have some intimacy. She becomes a sex slave. Giving but not getting back.

Whichever outcome the sexless relationship falls into. The bottom line is the frustrated partner eventually wakes-up, or decides life is too short to be made miserable by another person. They seek outside sexual attention to have their needs met. The same path applies to all the third phase choices, which is a decision to bury the relationship and move on.

Lets skip back to the first phase, what if you had a remote control to bypass your lover’s conscious mind into a place where sex is a mysterious fun adventure then I’d suggest you join me Wednesday night for an Advanced Hypnosis For Sex training where I show you how to put the phases on pause and record a new very intense sexual future with your lover. Join me Wednesday for this training. Email to sign up.

A sexless relationship is a slow death and each minute you stay is a minute you could be having great sex. It isn’t obvious, yet a person is trapped in the marriage and children, and for many people sex is considered a want not need. A sexless relationship is demeaning to the person, it makes her feel like their begging for attention. It is belittling to their self-esteem, and mentally depressing.

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