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I interviewed Strongman Logan Christopher today on the Bliss Show… I learned so much on the superior classification of natural bio-identical hormones for Erection-Sustainability. These are rare little-known herbs. He also explained how and when to take them. A lot of people forget that you can’t go and take this and at the same time, stuff your face with a cheeseburger. It doesn’t work that way. So he went over important processes for morning wood and different effects women love. Scroll down to find Logan’s website information.


  • Nick asked, “Can any herbs actually increase the penis size?”
  • Kevin asked, “How does this work for the 60 and over guys?”
  • Cecil asked, “Are these secrets herbs approved by the FDA?”
  • Mike asked, “Does it work to help PE and are there any side effects from the herb?”loganstanding
  • Another Mike from L.A. asked, “Do they have to be taken in combination with something. How long do I have to take them before I get results?”
  • Luis from El Paso asked, “Are these herbs better than L-Argenine and L-Citulline for harder lasting erections?
  • Piero from Capetown asked, “Do Chinese supplements like ‘Red Dragon’ or ‘VigRx’ work? Most of them promise rock hard boners but, I have head their efficacy is short-lived.”
  • Bg asked, “What does Logan think about during sex?”
  • Doug asked, “Is it used in China by TCM practitioners? Is it used by Tibetan Monks? How is it different than the thousand of herbs I get emails about?”
  • Sam asked, “I’m curious about how long it usually takes for the herbs to start working?”

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Logan founded ‘Superman Herbs’ with his brothers.The following herbs below are the ones I will be spiking in my boyfriend’s juice. For those that are listening today you get 15% off your orders. Also, if you order the herbs that give you the morning wood I will be throwing in a $97 bonus of the ‘Advanced Erotic Hypnosis For Long Lasting Sex System.’ Just send me a copy of your receipt and I will get them to you instantly downloadable.

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  1. So I have to take how much of the Pine Pollen for the morning wood? I will also email you my question. This was a good show. Logan is awesome.

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