Strong Man Logan Christopher of Legendary Strength Reveals Herbs That Do NOT Contain Illegal Sexual Stimulants For Getting Erections on the Bliss Show Wednesday the 20th of November, 2013.

I first met Logan Christopher of ‘Legendary Strength’ at a Dr. John La Tourrette seminar back in 2010. I remember he bent a horseshoe into a heart and the entire group was slack-jawed with amazement. Dr. JLT said someone stoled the horseshoe that was bent into a heart after he left it unattended for a brief second. Anyways this isn’t about bending horseshoes.images-8

This is about how Logan encountered male sexual prowess when he was testing herbs for just his physical peak performance. His intentions we’re just to be faster, lift more and gain muscle. They never thought it would have these intense male sexual effects.

Tomorrow I’ll be interviewing him on the Bliss Show and he will reveal these herbs. He even told me privately, “there is an herb that helps give a morning wood if you take it the way we tell you.”

Exactly. There is a process to how you take herbs. For example, I take niacin on an empty stomach. I take other herbs on a full stomach and depending on what time of day is the best effect for the herb to be digested and processed by my circulatory system. This is something big business pharms that push pills on you leave out. They really don’t want you to know how easy it is to correct male sexual health problems.

I know one client of mine who refuses to see a medical doctor because he thinks it’s a sham to tell another man how “it” isn’t working anymore. He said to me, “Why? So he can write me a prescription for Viagra. Then move on to his next patient a few seconds later. After my health insurance has paid out a few hundred bucks for the five second appointment with a guy who is just as sexless as me.”

So here is the thing. Tomorrow we’re going to do a NO BULLSHIT Bliss Show on Herbs and what you can do now to easily get and maintain a long lasting erection. Logan walks his talk. Check out his website to learn more about how incredible it is to go beyond what you think you’re capable of physically-like how he pulled a fire truck just with his hair.

Logan Christopher’s website:¬†


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