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Johnny Soporno

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Screen shot 2013-12-02 at 8.40.03 PMThis week on The Bliss Show we have world-class trainer Johnny Soporno, founder of The ‘Worthy Playboy’ Institute. The photo to the right depicts him in a visual double entendre where dark pubic hair has turned into a ‘toothbrush mustache.’ He said, “the girl thought it was funny and took the photo.”

Not only does Johnny Soporno have a good sense of humor, his writings on emancipating women for deeper sexual consciousness literally will blow your mind.

What does it mean to be emancipated for deeper sexual consciousness?

Emancipation is the change in human values towards sexuality. The old ideas about sex and socially constructed gender roles are no longer applicable to modern life, but these old ideas still influence conventional thinking. The old social control system prized women for their supposed purity. People are looking for meaning in new ways of thinking that bring the act of sex to the surface in a positive light. Once emancipated, you replace those old ideas with new mental systems that automatically give you more fulfilling sexual relationships.

Emancipation allows you to become aware of your sexual power. Some women I know purposely become sex workers or porn stars because they find it empowering. My friend, Ella, became an award-winning porn star after her very first screen performance at age sixty-one.

She told me in private, “The most liberating experience of my life was having sex with a 20 year old black man while my husband cheered me on from behind the set.”

Are you held back by the old taboos? 

Instead of the old system where you trade roses, dinners and rings for sex, Johnny Soporno has created an incredible new system that helps you relate and appeal to women who embrace the sexual experience.

People fly from around the world to attend Soporno’s workshops. His instructional team includes Steve P. (featured in the book The Game), Jamie Smart (a well-known speaker and consultant)and Johnny’s stunning girlfriend, adult actress Violet Marcell.

Listen in on Thursday as he reveals his secrets on how to date and sustain relationships with porn stars, sex workers and the sexually conscious woman. Do you have questions for Johnny Soporno? Leave them below and we’ll ask him on the Show.

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  1. I emailed you my questions about how porn stars separate the “client” from the real life and when they go to conventions. Like where I met you Kali. Remember in August at the Fetish Porn Convention where you were one of the speakers? I find that porn stars are still in the role of actress during the conventions and how do you get them past their role of actress into their personal life when you meet them at these conventions as a fan.

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